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Texas and Florida Estate Planning Resources

General List

Paying for Student Education – A site from the Federal Government that suggests tax advantaged ways for you to provide for your children and grandchildren’s education.


Medicare – A site from the Federal Government that explains your Medicare benefits so that you can take full advantage of all that Medicare has to offer. 

 The site also has tools to find  doctors, psychologists, other medical providers, nursing homes and drug plans.  Not all medical providers, psychologists and nursing homes accept Medicare so this tool will help you find a medical provider that is in the Medicare network.


Social Security for Retirement, Disability Benefits and Survivor Benefits  The official social security website that helps you understand what you and your family’s social security benefits will be in the event of disability, death and retirement.

Social security is so much more than just retirement benefits. Disabled children and grandchildren may also be entitled to social security benefits. Social Security will also provide for your children if you die while they are still minors.

The site also contains calculators that will calculate your social security benefits depending on the age of retirement and how much you contributed to social security over the years.


VA Benefits – This official site of the VA lets you know what benefits veterans are entitled to including health care, education and disability benefits.  Over the years, many of Jeff’s clients have accessed their VA benefits for health care.  

The VA has provided excellent health care to many of my clients including a client who had no health insurance and went to the VA for a rare cancer with a low survival rate.  Fifteen years later, he is alive and cancer free.


Private pension plans – The official site of the United States Department of Labor that explains the mechanics of various pension plans options including 401Ks.  

Many of Jeff’s clients work for large companies and a large part of their wealth is in private pension plans.  Jeff provide estate-planning services for pension plan benefits and trusts can be used to protect these benefits to your family.


Taxes – This IRS website provides tax forms and instructions for the forms as well as general tax information.


Foreign Taxes –  Many of Jeff’s clients own property overseas or are citizens of other countries.  They may owe taxes to their own countries and the US.

Each situation is unique since the United States has tax treaties with many other countries.  The IRS maintains a website with copies of tax treaties.


Financial Advisor Checks – The federal Securities and Exchange Commission operates a site to help you make informed choices about financial advisors by providing background information about  financial advisors.


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