Blended Family Planning

Second marriages pose unique challenges that you need to address through proper planning.  For younger couples, there may be minor children at home where one of the parents is not the biological parent of the child.   One of the child’s biological parents may have passed away or is not involved in the child’s life.  A biological parent may be traveling for business.   The non-biological parent raising the child may need authority to take care of a child in an emergency.

In cases of divorce, a parent may not trust their ex-spouse to handle money or to pass it to their children wisely.  With proper planning you can designate how your children will be taken care of financially with your funds and when and how they will receive the funds even if the ex-spouse is the custodial parent.

If the children are grown, many people want to take care of their spouse and their children and with proper planning they can do both.

There are complications with blended families and there may be friction between family members but with proper planning tailored to your situation you can take care of all of your family without there being family conflict.

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