Protecting Minor Children

If you are not able to take care of your children for any number of reasons including death or disability, you need to make plans for your children.  Disability can be temporary.  An example would be that if you get into a car accident, you might be temporarily unable to take care of your children.

Young and disabled children are vulnerable and you need to protect them by planning for them.  We will work with you in analyzing the problems you and your family will face and focus on finding solutions.

If you do not plan, the legal system  provides a plan for you.  A judge and the state will decide who will raise your children, how they will be raised and supervise the children.  At age 18 the State will declare each of your children adults and hand over to each child their proportionate share of their estate.

This plan only works if you do not have anyone you can trust to take care of your family.   

A Judge does not know your family and will only briefly see your family before the Judge makes a decision.  You will run the risk of family members fighting for custody of your children and the family member who prevails may not be the one who is best to raise your children.

However, if you know who you want to take care of your children and how you want them to take care of your children, you can choose what is best for your family.

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