Probate, Estate, Trust Administration and Litigation

If you have recently lost a loved one, you will need to deal with the estate administration process. Jeff has extensive experience representing executors,personal representatives, trustees, heirs, beneficiaries and other clients in all aspects of probate and trust administration.

Will and Trust Contests

We have represented executors, trustees and family members in Trust and Will contests.
Disgruntled family members or beneficiaries can contest both Wills and Trusts. They often allege that the Will maker or Trust maker was incompetent when they signed the documents or that they were subject to undue influence. Sometimes disgruntled heirs will state that because the Will or Trust maker was of weak mind they were subject to undue influence.

In order to make a Will the Will maker must be competent. The test that the Court applies is whether the Will maker knew the nature and extent of their property, who their heirs are, who they want to leave their property to and be able to apply all of these factors. The same standards apply to Trusts.

Executors and Trustees have fiduciary duties to the beneficiaries, which mean that they have a duty to fully disclose to the beneficiaries, act impartially and do not always act in their best interests and sometimes this needs to be presented to the Court. We had experience defending Executors and Trustees against disgruntled beneficiaries

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